Taipei Cycle 2023 will focus on sustainability

770 exhibitors already signed up

'Imagining A Better Future: The Cycling Industry's Sustainable Practices', was the theme of the Taipei Cycle international press conference last 13 September announcing the show's 2023 focus on sustainability, featuring five pivotal themes of discussion, and welcoming international exhibitors and visitors.

Hosted by James Huang, the chair of Taitra, the panel discussed how the fight against climate change is affecting all industries across the globe, with companies striving to achieve low-carbon emissions. As the largest emitter, transport is gradually finding its way towards electrification, and bicycles will be a key component in the future of clean mobility. Bicycles will also be critical to the future of urban smart mobility, where data will be collected, analysed and shared, bringing safer and more efficient urban mobility to the world.

Taipei Cycle 2023

Virtual Racing at Taipei Cycle 2022 attracted a huge audience.

Tremendous growth in bicycle industry

Since 2020, the bicycle industry has experienced tremendous growth as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. From January to July 2022, the total export value of Taiwan’s traditional bicycle, e-bikes, and bicycle parts reached $3,542 billion (€ 3,590 billion), with a year-on-year growth of 29%. Notably, the growth of Taiwan’s e-bike exports has surpassed traditional bicycles, and is estimated to exceed traditional bicycles by 2025 with the so-called ‘Golden Cross’. With people becoming more accepting of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, support for a market that focuses on smart devices and sustainability has dramatically increased.

As a result, Taiwan’s bicycle industry has a great standing point due to its strong supply chain and its strategic positioning in technologies.

Taipei Cycle 2023

More than 770 exhibitors have signed up for Taipei Cycle 2023.

Taipei Cycle’s five key themes in sustainability

In 2023, Taipei Cycle will rebrand itself, focusing on five key themes in sustainability, including Resilient Supply Chain, Digital Connections, Vibrant Innovations, Dynamic Lifestyle, and Sustainable Moves. These themes will cover supply chain, OEM, brands, smart wearables, training software and equipment, and bike tour services. 2023 will also see the physical show held alongside Taipei Cycle DigitalGo, a newly developed virtual show. The integrated physical show and virtual platform will see a greater reach internationally, and as borders open from the pandemic restrictions, Taitra will also promote and invite more international buyers via its overseas branches.

Taipei Cycle 2023

TAIPEI d&i awards Pavilion is alawys highlight of TAIPEI CYCLE

Taipei Cycle 2023

Left to right Robert Wu, President of KMC, James Huang, Chairman of Taitra and Ken Li, spokesman of GIANT GROUP

TAIPEI CYCLE 2023 will be held March 22-25 next year

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