Neco: Diversity of development and enthusiasm in charities


NECO TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was founded by chairman Jin-Yuan Wang in 1986. With a solid technical foundation, Jin-Yuan Wang stepped into a workshop to get the right skills at 19 years old. He learned the manufacturing process and technology of chainwheel forging, lathing, molding, polishing, and galvanization. In 1981, Wang started his own business based on manufacturing chainwheels. In 1986, -Yuan Wang founded the company officially and started producing chainwheels. As the company expanded, the products were exported to Central/South America, Europe, and North America, gaining recognition by more and more customers. In 1995, NECO launched its own brand, NECO, adopting a dual operation model with both OEM and own branded products distribution. Chairman Wang proposed the name of NECO with the intention that the company would continue to develop in the future.

Cross-Strait labor division, pursuit of sustainability 

To increase productivity and improve competitiveness, and develop towards a sustainable operation, NECO adopted a cross-strait labor division model. Apart from the existing Taiwan facility, the company established the Foshan Shunde factory in 1997, producing mostly headsets, BBs, axles, and pedals for export. In 2001, the company expanded to Eastern China and established a factory in Tianwang Town of Jurong City, occupying 75 acres of land and producing hubs, headsets, BBs, axles, and pedals. In 2014, NECO opened the Tianjin factory in Northern China, occupying 60 acres and producing particularly cranks and wheel hub motors. Chairman Wang points out that today NECO distributes six major product categories to key markets worldwide. 50% of NECO’s export is distributed to Europe, 25% to Central/South America, 15% to the US, and 10% to Southeast Asia and Japan. 

Over the past 36 years, Chairman Jin-Yuan Wang upholds the business philosophy of “Quality, Service, Speed, and Sustainability”. NECO has not only actively upgraded its productivity, invested in production equipment, improved the ratio of self-produced content, and developed various production lines, but also made huge efforts in R&D with a focus on service and stable quality.

NECO also participates in exhibitions worldwide, continues to expand on international markets, and successfully increased its sales territory. Upholding to the promising outlook of development in electric bikes, NECO has devoted itself to the R&D of mid motors and hub motors for the past 6 years. The aim is to integrate resources and technology and it is expected that NECO will be recognized worldwide thanks to its R&D potential.


Enthusiasm in biking and charities 

Apart from his dedication to business management and product R&D, Chairman Jin-Yuan Wang is also enthusiastic about biking. He has completed the 5,000 km bike challenge from Beijing to Shenzhen, but he also sponsored many biking competitions and challenges. Chairman Wang also invites company managers and customers to go biking as a workout and take challenges in uphill biking, during which he can also test the performance of the company’s new products. Chairman Wang mentions that biking is like a business operation with ups and downs, and failures and success. “All challenges can be conquered and one can climb to the top successfully when you persevere and never give up on your efforts.” Moreover, Chairman Wang is an enthusiastic supporter of charity. He has spared no efforts in social welfare with active devotion for years. Not only did he assist the society with funds and support, but he also donated generous funds to athletes Chih-yuan Chuang and Chien-An Chen when winning the gold medals in World Table Tennis Championships in 2013.

At Eurobike and China Cycle 2022, NECO TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. will present a series of new products including: 

The torque sensor MM18 
  1. The torque sensor reads 100% of the phase difference signal through the high-density chip integrated circuit, and transmits the FOC (field-oriented control) to calculate the phase difference percentage. This controls the output size of the motor power and speed, making the power output more energy-saving, labor-saving and intelligent.
  2. The gear reduction mechanism is arranged in two-point positioning, while the conventional systems operate via a three-point positioning. The two-point positioning gears are engaged in smooth operation, with large output torque and low output noise.
  3. The mid-motor can be rotated and mounted 360 degrees according to the model, offering a wide range of options.
MM18 The torque sensor MM18

M30CD-T (Sleeve shaft hub motor M30CD-T)

M30CD-T (Combined shaft hub motor M30CD-T) 

The combined shaft hub motor M30CD-T separates the main body and shaft center of the quick-release. It can be quickly replaced. For the existing hub motor, the shaft part in the middle is combined with the drive and for the assembly a traditional nut is used. This shaft hub motor has a rotation stopper on the outer side of the cassette wheel. The structure of the anti-rotation head prevents the rotation, and the locking force of this special structure is 1.5 times more than that of the conventional nut.

Neco all in one handlebar 

The Neco all in one handlebar, not only provides the convenience of quick installation, but also saves material like cables and wires to connect accessories, achieving the effect of both practicality and appearance. Beside the brake, transmission systems and a bell additional accessories such as headlights, indicators, display, GPS and cruise control, have gradually become standard equipment on an e-bike. The Neco handlebar can provide an integrated appearance in line with the design needs. 

Neco all in one handlebar

NECO2 (Semi-Integrated Cable Routing Threadless Headset H323MP)

NECO2 (Semi-Integrated Cable Routing Threadless Headset H323MP) 
  1. The 8X(16~23)mm design of the 35-degree opening on the top cover makes the inlet of the brake cable and transmission cable more smooth.
  2. The top cover material is a nylon + fiber design, which makes the wire resistance less and the wire is not so easily scratched
  3. The top cover comes with two holes, and the rotation is not restricted when turning
  4. China Patent No.: ZL 2019 2 1752428.6 /Taiwan Patent No.: M590559