E-bike market share rapidly growing in Europe, and US picks up e-bike trend as well

The success of the e-bike as an example for the electrification of the mobility market is widely recognised by experts. Over the past two years, bicycle electrification really picked up and not only in the Netherlands were e-bikes are the biggest category representing more than 50%. In France the market share hiked from 15% in 2019 to 25% last year. In Austria it raised from 39% to 45% and in Germany from 31.5% to 42.5%. In southern Europe, the market share is less spectacular with 15% in Italy and 14% in Spain, but even in those countries the trend is clearly upwards. The US market has finally picked up pace as well. Official statistics report a sales volume of 600,000 units in 2021. Industry experts, however, point out that online sales were not included in this figure, and some 1 million units were distributed. This is a huge increase as 4 years ago approximately 250,000 units were sold.