Robert Wu, chairman of chain manufacturer KMC

Meet the new TBA chairman, KMC’s Robert Wu

“I aim to enable Taiwan’s industry to flourish”

Robert Wu, the chairman of chain manufacturer KMC has been elected as the chairman of Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA). He takes over the role from Merida’s Michael Tseng. For the second time in the history of the TBA a representative of a component manufacturer takes the helm. 

Wu has been part of the TBA for many years, actively participating as executive director. Appointed as Chairman last December, he is committed to promoting the development of Taiwan’s bicycle industry on the global stage. Wu has high ambitions for his tenure as TBA chairman and recognises that a lot of progress has been made already. For example, he considers the recent establishment of the Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS) “the greatest display of industry strength since Taiwan’s bicycle industry A-Team and a bright light in the current chaotic business environment.” Bike Europe spoke to him to find out what else is on the cards for the TBA.

Can you briefly introduce yourself? 

I’m Robert Wu, the Chairman of the 11th Taiwan Bicycle Association and also the Chairman of KMC (KUEI MENG) International Inc. I was also the Chairman of 7th & 8th Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center and the Chairman of the 5th Taiwan Bicycle Industrial A-Team. 

It has been a while since the TBA chairman doesn’t come from a bicycle manufacturer, but a component manufacturer. Is that correct?

The President of Kenda Rubber Industrial Co Ltd., Ying-Ming Yang, was the first component manufacturer to be elected as the Chairman of TBA. I’m the next one.

What is your long term vision of the Taiwan bicycle industry and what is your main ambition?

My vision on TBA is to enable the industry opportunities to flourish through mutual altruism, synergy via a healthy partnership platform, glocalization, promoting the cycling culture, fostering sustainability, and cultivating an environment for our future leaders.

Why is that so important for you and the Taiwanese bicycle industry?

Many Taiwanese bicycle companies are celebrating their 50th anniversary. In order for us to maintain the striving momentum and continue prospering, it is important to create new vibes and establish a learning benchmark and criteria for the new generation of young people in the Taiwan bicycle industry.

“It is important to create a new vibe for the next generation”

Following your election you have identified ten challenges that the bicycle and e-bike industry will face over the next ten years. Can you elaborate on this?

We identified ten challenges that the bicycle and e-bike industry will face over the next ten years, therefore we propose CYCLENOW as our strategies and solutions.
The C-Y-C-L-E-N-O-W principles are drawn from the first letter as below:

  • Core-Competence – Synergy to enhance reliable partnerships
  • Youth-inherited – Empower our future leaders to inherit inspiration
  • Comprehensive Mutual Altruism – Advance and unify the greater good
  • Lifestyle Advocacy – Cultivate and encourage the cycling lifestyle
  • Environment Protection – Green, smart, and sustainable mobility to achieve a better world
  • Networking Platform – Create an ecosystem to unite for shared goals 
  • Obligation & Passion – Commitment to quality, cost, delivery, innovation, and efficiency
  • World-Wide Glocalization – Link local to the global bicycle industry
Can these ambitions and goals be achieved with the current TBA organisation? Or how do you expect to achieve this?

Undeniably these goals cannot be achieved by the TBA alone, so there must be close and rock-solid cooperation among teammates to promote key industrial projects. TBA will form a strategic triangular partnership with Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS) and the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC). We’re working towards generating comprehensive benefits through cooperation and unity. We also look forward to seeking more resources and assistance from public-private partnerships to assist us in achieving these goals.