Connectivity still drives components development

It has been regarded as a leading subject in e-bike developments for some years now: connectivity. All systems in the mid and high-end market do somehow offer some services related to connectivity. However, recent product introductions show that this development has not reached its final stage, in fact not at all. An increasing number of new technologies have entered the e-bike market and for many consumers it has become an essential part of the electronics on their e-bikes.

King-Meter targets high-end market with integrated display

Chinese e-bike display and sensor manufacturer, King-Meter displayed its newest range at this year’s Eurobike. Amongst the new products is its most recent integrated display technology. King-Meter considers itself as one of the early developers of integrated e-bike display technology. The latest product, K5250, has been further developed for the high-end ranges in e-MTB, city and trekking categories. With a size of 650 mm x 126 mm x 31.8 mm, the functions of the display include battery indicator, headlight, PAS level and speed. Using UART, Lin and CAN communication methods, the display also offers a USB for charging.

In total King-Meter owns 97 patents and has won several design awards. All products are exported to many countries all over the world, with Europe taking up 35% of the market share. All the products have passed CE, RoHs, REACH and meet the EU standard, EN15194. King-Meter has also passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and has introduced a series of testing equipment, including vibration test bench, high low temperature test box, salt spray testing machine, pull out testing bench and key fatigue tester.


Velofox adds colour to latest HMI display models

HMI display manufacturer Velofox, presented the newest releases from its DM Series during Eurobike in July. With a range of 10 models varying in size and offering colour or high contrast black and white displays, the company offers a solution for all biking categories from e-cargo to e-road. Founded in 2020, Velofox develops high performance, and cost-effective HMI (human-machine interface) solutions for pedelecs and e-bikes. With in-depth knowledge of industrial design, UI design, hardware design, software development and IOT applications, the company has developed e-bike HMI’s, remotes, APPs and diagnostic tools.

All of the displays feature Bluetooth (ANT+) as default, while retaining the option for IoT. “Electric cars are equipped with technology to improve the user-experience, this should be the same with e-bikes,” explained Velofox CEO Leo Liao during Eurobike. Functionalities of the displays include motor/battery power, cadence, power output and heart rate when connected via Bluetooth. Velofox provides multiple ways to complete parameter settings, firmware upgrades and system diagnosis through their latest diagnostic tools and app. For after-sale services, Velofox offers OEM’s, brands and retailers a remote diagnostic check, OTA upgrade and core data for marketing. Besides its range of displays, VeloFox also makes a series of remotes and brackets which are compatible with the central display series.


Seekrun debuts A1 hub display at Eurobike

Seekrun, founded in 2020 is committed to R&D design, manufacturing and selling of intelligent display instrumental products for electrical power bicycles and other two-wheel transports. Basing itself on medium and high-end intelligent display instrument markets, all Seekrun displays operate on connectors of mother company Higo. The company designs a wide range of display products with varying screen types, sizes and accessories which can be customised. During Eurobike, the company’s newest model, the A1 hub drew the most attention.

The A1 hub is a gauge system that includes display, remote, hub, bracket and e-bike sensor. It features an integrated wiring harness and a single bracket for mounting both the display and the headlight. The display size of the A1 is 3.5 inch and is equipped with a colour TFT screen. The system integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a USB port for charging personal devices. The screen is IPx7 waterproof and was in a tank of water during Eurobike to prove this. The A1 display is also equipped with breathing lights which change colour with the speed. The upgrade version of A1 also has an app available to support navigation.


Vinka combines AI and IoT in e-bike system

E-bike drive train supplier Vinka implemented both Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to empower their new AIot Max System. Almost all Vinka drive units are compatible with the AIoT Max System and they exactly know the rider characteristics which varies per customer. This makes that the AIoT Max System Solution fits all customers’ requirements, from premium mountain biking and competition racing to trail riding. Each with their own specific drive unit. Likewise, customers can use their own battery with Vbox compatible with Vinka Can Protocol. 

The Vbox is a smart telematics box developed in-house by Vinka and according to Vinka, this is the gateway of the IoT. “It extends the directional communication between the IoT devices and the Vinka Cloud. The Vbox enables the users to connect to their e-bike anywhere at any time via the Vinka Life App via 4G and BLE communication, free from the distance limitations. The local computing of the VBox ensure the e-bike responds as quick as possible with lowest possible latency,” writes Vinka. The Vinka AIoT Max System comes with a drive unit, battery, display, Vinka Life App and Vbox.