Next model year e-bike parts & accessories

The development of new parts & accessories has shifted its focus to e-bikes as well. Many of these are now ‘made for e-bikes’. They are stronger, more durable and meet the specific e-bike related requirements. The list of new products introduced for MY 2023 and even 2024 is very extensive, while new ones are added every month. Bike Europe keeps you up-to-date on

Roxim brings diffused lighting to e-bikes

Mobility lighting systems specialist Roxim developed the R7EA rear smart light with multiple functions. This e-bike light provide auto brake and SOS for more safe riding experiences and complies with the German StVZO regulation.

According to Roxim, they took illumination technology from car to cycling with the new R7EA. But also for their new front light, Roxim integrated the well automotive daytime running light (DRL) to make cycling safer.

The brake light can also be integrated in the seat post instead of the R7EA which is integrated in the rear carrier. An additional option at Roxim is the logo light.

Roxim lights

Satori adds charger and high-rise handlebar to e-bike component range

Handlebar, stem and seat post manufacturer Satori proudly makes all its products in Taiwan. With a renewed focus on e-bike components, the company showcased its latest products at Eurobike in Frankfurt. With the Full City 100, Satori brings a super high-rise handlebar to the market. The 100mm rise and a sweep of 15 degrees makes the handlebar suitable for the E-SUV categories such as Trekking, Gravel and Road. The handlebar itself weighs 360 g and its possible to add an accessory mount on the front for lights, etc. The handlebar which has passed ISO-M is available in matt black and matt silver. 

Another innovation Satori had on display at Eurobike was the Satori Charger, an e-bike stem that integrates an USB type-C charging port directly to the motor unit. This enables riders to charge their device while on the move. With a 12 W power output and short circuit protection, the Charger supports Bosch Gen5 motors. The stem charger is available in matt black.


DDK automates manufacturing of new Mini-Ma saddle 

Taiwanese saddle manufacturer, DDK, has around 150 saddles in its range. The newest addition is the Mini-Ma. On display at this years’ Eurobike, the company has taken a ‘less is more’ approach with its latest product. The Mini_Ma saddles, with their design approach are targeted towards city bikes and e-bikes.

Last year, the DDK Group invested €7 million in Vacuum Fitting Technology which makes a saddle’s leather fit automatically without manual nailing, giving the saddle an almost perfect finish. The Mini Ma uses this atented DDK VMfit high-tech vacuum process to bond the cover and pad to the saddle shell. Available in four neutral colours the saddle has been designed to optimise comfort and be lightweight whilst offering optimal performance. “Less is more,” explains DDK-Group’s Chief of Sales & Marketing Joy Sung. “Especially when heading towards automatic production.” 

DDK saddle

The advantage of NFC technology in headset logo

The Dutch bicycle brand Brinckers has integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) in e-bikes as one of the first. In future the owner can simply open the app of his e-bike by holding a mobile near the headset logo. NFC is a communication technology we use every day. Doors can be opened by means of a card, or you can pay contactless with your debit or credit card as well as your smart phone. From January 1, 2023, various Brinckers models will be equipped with a headset logo plate containing an NFC chip. 

According to Brinckers owner Pieter Booij, “customers have a need for information when it comes to their e-bikes. People call and email us or ask our dealers how to maintain their bike, when to take it in for a service, what their frame number is, and so on. As a result of this, we decided we need to better ‘connect’ our end customers with their bicycle. They should have all the relevant information about the bicycle at their fingertips, but in a user-friendly and fast way. So not through a manual or a link to our website. If someone else scans the bike with their phone, the ‘app’ will say: this bike doesn’t belong to you. After registration, you can store frame number and key number(s), find the nearest dealer and tips how to use your e-bike. More functionalities will be added in future,” explains Booij.